Fabrics Finishes and Accessories Selection

Tired of guests walking into your home and knowing exactly where you were shopping to obtain all of your products?  Indulge Interiors is able to reinvent a space with original textiles, finishes and accessories.  Perhaps you would like to splurge on a new type of flooring, or simply update what is already there with an affordable option?  Do you have older existing pieces that you would like to incorporate with some newer pieces but do not know how to blend the styles to work together?  Do you have it all together…except for the accessories?  Accessories are often referred to the “jewellery” of a room…and it’s true!  Indulge is here to help select flooring options, select and/or create accessories and much, much more! 

Our skill is following guidelines, budgets and your vision. Show us your space and we will take care of the rest!